Micah’s Housing Ministry realizes that people become homeless for an unending list of reasons. But every person who finds themselves without a place to live shares a common deficiency. They lack a family/support system with the means to intervene. Micah believes the church and community have responsibility to fill that gap. We do so through a coordinated care system that meets people where they are with basic needs and general support. As our team of staff and volunteers grows in relationship with individuals, we work with them to pursue income, housing, and medical/mental health solutions. As individuals get jobs, locate housing, obtain benefits, regain stability and succeed otherwise, Micah offers support until it is no longer needed. Just like any family, that support can last months, years, or even a lifetime.

Program Goals

To reduce the length of time households experience homelessness

Through a growing base of landlords, people experiencing homelessness are assisted in quickly regaining stability in permanent housing. Ideally, people will be homeless no more than 30 days before regaining a place to live.

To reduce households returning to homelessness

Participants who benefit from our housing programs are assisted in the development and implementation of a success plan. Each plan includes goals aimed at increasing participant skills/income and improving their self-determination.


Participants enrolling in Micah services are asked to complete a housing barriers assessment, which helps us develop a plan to address the circumstances that have caused a person to be homeless. Out team of case managers specialize in:

  • Application for disability and other benefits
  • Connection to mental health/substance abuse services
  • Employment search and placement
  • Connection to health care resources
  • Developing independent living skills

In partnership with community landlords, our staff places individuals and households in housing, and provides the support necessary for them to stabilize their living situation.

Stabilization Services

When enrolled in a housing program at Micah, our neighbors receive case management services to help them stabilize and succeed in housing. We help to provide:

  • Budget or financial management
  • Identifying food and community resources
  • Finding furniture and other household items
  • Landlord or roommate mediation
  • Life skills development
  • Transportation planning
  • Connection to residential supports
  • Accessing appropriate benefits
  • Medication management
  • Household upkeep such as cleaning or meal preparation

 Typically, three to nine months of support will stabilize a person enough that we can reduce our support and their household is no longer at risk of returning to homelessness.

Monetary Donation


Micah is not the only solution for housing in the community, and there are other resources that are better equipped for certain needs. If you are a person experiencing homelessness, the best first step is to contact the Homeless Helpline at 540-358-5801. They can assess your needs and direct you to the most appropriate resource. 

While we work together on your housing crisis, showers, an address and other basic needs are available through the hospitality center at 1013 Princess Anne St., 540-479-4116.


New landlords are always needed to help people move out of shelters and off the street. Our homeless services agencies in the community partner together under one Housing Locator to form a Stable Homes Partnership.  If you are interested in joining this network by offering a unit to a family or individual overcoming homelessness, please contact our community’s housing locator at 540-760-3310.


Are you interested in joining the community of volunteers that supports this ministry? Visit our volunteer page to get connected.