Micah Ministries can accept many donations of new or gently-used items for work in various areas of our ministry. Explore our common needs here and help us help our neighbors!


The next time you’re out shopping, you can pick up an item or two from this list and bring them directly to our Hospitality Center during operating hours. We always have a need for these items and always have storage space for extras.

Common Needs

-Disposable razors
-Feminine products (pads and tampons)
-Bar soap
-Full-sized toothpaste and toothbrushes
-Bug spray
-Sleeping bags
-Batteries [all sizes]
-Men’s and women’s underwear [all sizes]


Deodorant Disposable razors Feminine products (pads and tampons) Bar soap Full-sized toothpaste and toothbrushes Bug spray Backpacks Tents Sleeping bags Batteries [all sizes]


Our Clothing Closet in the Hospitality Center is a place where our neighbors in need can “shop” for a new outfit (or two!) Your gently-used seasonal clothing items are always beneficial to our Clothing Closet. 

Call the Hospitality Center to find out the most current Clothing Closet needs. Please be aware that we can accept only seasonal items, due to a lack of storage space for off-season clothing items.

Call 540-479-4116, ext. 10, during our operating hours, to speak to a volunteer about our current Clothing Closet needs.



We keep our Amazon wish lists current to serve the most common needs of our neighbors, both those who are still homeless and those who are moving into permanent housing. 

Monetary Donation


Because of the volume of our neighbors moving into housing in need of items, and a general lack of storage space to keep items “on hand,” Micah Ministries partners with Goodwill Industries to help keep our neighbors’ needs met. 

If you have household items to donate, please take them to a local Goodwill store. Micah maintains a partnership with Rappahannock Goodwill Industries. In return for our partnership, Goodwill donates vouchers to our neighbors in need who are moving into housing, allowing them to shop at Goodwill stores to choose household essentials when they are moving in. 

If you, your Sunday School class, or organization would like to join our “Adopt A Home” team and supply designated household items to a specific neighbor when they’re moving in, we’re happy to have you!  

Please contact us for details about joining the “Adopt a Home” program! Click the button below to send an email for more Adopt a Home information.

To host a drive to collect specific items that we are in need of right now, check out our “host a donation drive” section below!


If you want to donate a specific item to meet an individual need… there’s an app for that!

Purposity is a fun tool that lets us post our neighbor’s stories and their needs, and lets you purchase those items to be sent directly to us!

Find PURPOSITY on the Play Store or the App Store! Download the app and follow Micah Ecumenical Ministries — it’s that simple!

Once you have followed us, you can read what our needs are, and donate to meet that need for an individual neighbor.

This lets us ask for very specific things that will directly meet the needs of the people we serve. We’ve met all kinds of needs through this app: silverware, storage containers, specific clothing items, you name it! Have fun exploring the app!

You’ll know that every time you donate using this app, you’re meeting a specific need to fill for an individual neighbor who has requested it.

Monetary Donation


The furniture you are replacing could help a neighbor in need make their new house a home. 

Please be aware that we do not have storage space in our building for furniture. Your furniture donations should go through our Furniture Bank. Read about where and how to donate here.

Host a Donation Drive

An inspiring way to engage your community, church, school, business, or other organization is to host a donation drive to meet the current needs of our neighbors! 

Micah can provide support in setting up a drive, guiding you on what our current needs are, and help spread the word. 

To explore the process of hosting a donation drive, please contact our Executive Administrator via email at [email protected], or call 540-848-5157.

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