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Micah is a collaboration of churches following Christ to cultivate community and care for neighbors. By supporting people experiencing homelessness to find a home in the Fredericksburg region, we seek a just, kind and humble community where all neighbors belong, participate, have mutual support and meaningful relationships.

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Whether you want to get to work in a feeding ministry, seek to be a friend, or are gifted in helping people connect to community resources, there’s a little something for everyone to jump in and get involved! Discover how you might be called to join in Micah’s mission.

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Decrease in chronic homelessness since 2010

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Word on the Street:

St. Francis of Assisi put forth a great challenge when he said, “Preach the gospel at all times, if necessary use words.”  We can SAY many things, with little influence on people who aren’t ready to hear what we have to say. Or we can DO a few powerful things out of LOVE for a neighbor. And we can have great impact on those who’ve previously accessed limited Christ-like examples. Humbly WALKING the community with that message of action and kindness is what Micah 6:8 is all about. It is within this blog that we hope you will hear that “word on the street” and be called to your own acts of compassion.

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Jeremiah Community

What began years ago as an effort of the downtown churches to help people survive on the street has become a holistic ministry, supporting many aspects of people’s lives. While Micah’s work has lifted hundreds of the region’s residents off the street and decreased the numbers living chronically outside, experience has taught us that addressing homelessness is about more than keys and a case manager.  People don’t become homeless when they run out of money; people become homeless when they run out of relationships.  Jeremiah Community is the vision that has evolved from these learnings. It is a solution formed in the unique context of our chronically homeless neighbors.  It will be a community built on shared experience and understandings, rooted in the kind of relationships we all need for stability and purpose. Please explore our vision for Jeremiah Community and become a part of the movement.