Give our Neighbors Thanksgiving  Dinner

The holidays can be a difficult time for our current and formerly homeless neighbors, who have often run out of relationships. Micah is often the closest thing they have to family, and we know it is our calling to show them they are loved. We are always seeking ways to be the community that our neighbors need us to be!

This year, many of our neighbors are looking forward to joining in various Thanksgiving dinners that churches and community organizations are hosting. However, some of our Micah neighbors are unable to attend these gatherings, due to disabilities, transportation challenges, social anxieties, and a plethora of other reasons.

These neighbors deserve to know they are seen and loved by our community, and we are working to deliver meals to those in need. We need your support to make this possible!

Thank you for your kindness and generosity this Thanksgiving!

How to help:

• Sign up to deliver

Volunteer drivers are needed to deliver gobbler bowls to our neighbors in housing around the community. If you are interested in being a delivery driver in the afternoon on Thanksgiving Day, please email [email protected] to get involved with delivery! Or call Jill at 540-848-5157.

• Donate Pies
If you would rather donate food than money, please plan to donate a pie (or two or three). Email: [email protected] to arrange for delivery of your pie(s), preferably the day before Thanksgiving! Please note: Pies that do not require refrigeration are ideal!

• Sponsor Gobbler Bowls:
Donate money to purchase meals for delivery. Use the link below, or mail check to PO Box 3277, Fredericksburg, VA 22402 or give using the button below. Your generosity will help cover the cost of the meals we are purchasing and delivering to our neighbors.

Eagle Scout prepares green space at Hesed House

Eagle Scout Luke Rossi planned, coordinated and led his Boy Scout troop in preparing the green space at Hesed House–Micah’s new temporary accommodations for people transitioning from the street to permanent housing. The space includes trees and shrubbery, raised beds for growing vegetables this coming Spring, a rain barrel, an accessible path and picnic table and a pet waste station. We are excited to see our neighbors utilize this space!

It’s not too late to help with the 23-24 cold weather shelter

The cold weather shelter operates approximately mid-November through mid-March based on projected overnight temperatures and other weather parameters. The main shelter location is at 748 Kings Highway, but we anticipate opening a second women’s location in mid-December (details forthcoming).

 Hospitality Hosts 
Seeking a small group for the  3rd Monday morning hospitality drop-off space. This requires a small group of 3-5 folks who can arrive at Fairview Baptist Church early (about 6:30 AM) to make coffee and receive the CWS bus when it drops off our neighbors from CWS. The group should provide simple breakfast items (cut fruit, granola bars, donuts, pop-tarts, etc.) for roughly 35 folks.  Hot breakfast food is appreciated but never required! The numbers will be smaller in the beginning of the winter and will grow as the season progresses, but shouldn’t exceed about 40  This group activity will not be needed if the shelter is closed the night before; groups will receive about 20 hours’ notice as to whether they will be needed or not. 

Bus Drivers
Seeking drivers who can pick up at the Cold Weather Shelter in the mornings and take guests to the hospitality space provided by one of our downtown churches. Micah has a 15 passenger bus. Good driving record needed. No special driver’s license required.

Women’s Shelter Volunteers
We are planning to expand bed space later this winter by adding a second shelter location for women only.  We will need volunteers to help with check-in and hospitality when our women arrive (5:30-7:30 or so each night that the shelter is open.) Because the number of women who access our CWS is much smaller than men, we do not need large groups for this request. This is a perfect task for individuals to jump in! Both men and women are welcome to help!

Dinner Support

Seeking a small group to provide a simple dinner on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month, on the nights when CWS is open.  The space is provided — all we need are the groups to provide the meal and serve it! A simple dinner (subs, pizza, sandwiches) is fine. This is not a full community meal. It will be open only to those waiting to get on the bus to CWS, so numbers will remain manageable (no more than 40), even at the height of the season. This group activity will not be needed if the shelter is closed  that night; groups will receive notice the morning of if they will be needed or not, so simplicity is key!


Among the most important lessons from Micah’s miles of ministry is that people do not become homeless when they run out of money. People become homeless when they run out of relationships. With our hearts broken open to this latest revelation of need, we are now called to build a neighborhood of small houses where neighbors can live affordably, have purpose and grow meaningful relationships. Like the inn, in which the Samaritan delivered the battered man he found along the road, Jeremiah Community promises to be a place of hope, healing and redemption. May all the mileposts of the journey culminate into making this vision a reality.

Fredericksburg’s downtown churches began their journey toward the vision for Micah Ecumenical Ministries 18 years ago. We’ve now been at this as many years as there are miles to the treacherous Jericho Road of the Good Samaritan story. Along the way, encounters with our neighbors’ suffering have taught us much about the home God envisions for humanity, and how we are called to take part.

Would you help us put a face on the growing community that is working to build the supportive, life sharing place that our neighbors need? 

Email [email protected] with your name and a picture that we can use in social media and visual demonstrations of the many people who are getting behind this vision.

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