Join us at 1901 Augustine Ave. on Sept. 10 from 12pm to 2pm to learn more about Micah’s newest ministry, Hesed House–temporary lodging for neighbors transitioning to permanent housing. A special dedication will be held at 2pm. Bring a “housewarming” item to help us stock up for the many neighbors who will receive loving kindness in their stay at Hesed House.

Watch our video!

Ways to help

• Sponsor a room: We are almost finished with renovations! But need another $1250 (per room) to finish the four remaining rooms.

• Buy from our amazon wish-list: HERE

• Bring a Housewarming Item

Trash Bags (13 gallon and 4 gallon) and Shower liners
Laundry detergent and dryer sheets
Toilet paper and paper towels
New full and twin sheets
Zip lock bags (gallon and quart) and can openers
Clorox wipes and swiffer wet wipes
Dish detergent, scrub sponges and dish towels
Full size shampoo bottles, soap, conditioner

Thanks to our generous partners!

Calling all Cat Lovers!

Yes, we know this is an unusual request. 

We are in need of some folks willing to FOSTER (not adopt) kittens.  Here’s the story: One of the properties that we help keep an eye on has an explosion of kittens.  We are working to address that issue, and we are connected to an organization that does spay/neuter for the adult cats, and that process is coming to fruition!

However, there are a lot of young kittens at the property.  They range in age from probably about 4 weeks to about 12 weeks or so. Very young. Very cute.  (see photo as proof).

For the kittens, we are connected to a local rescue organization that is willing and able to handle the vetting and the associated costs, and who will find the kittens homes once they are ready to be adopted.  They can do this on the condition that we find foster homes able to keep the kittens until they are ready to be adopted.

The job of a foster home is pretty simple:
1 – Play with the kittens! Socialization is SO IMPORTANT to keep them friendly and adoptable.
2 – Follow the instructions of the rescue on their vetting, including taking them to vet appointments that the rescue sets, and giving basic meds as directed.

Please, spread the word!  If you’ve ever been interested in fostering kittens, or if you know anybody who is, please let us know!  The timeline is a moving target, but we’d love to be moving the kittens into foster homes within the next month or so. 

There’s a total of about 25 kittens or so, but we are NOT ASKING any one individual to foster all of them.  We can divide them up into small groups (2 kittens minimum per foster home).  But honestly, 4 kittens is the same amount of work as 2 kittens, so dream big!

We can’t wait to work with you on this adorable project.

If you’re interested, please email Jill at [email protected]

As neighbors pass away in the Micah community, they are often left without family to claim them or hold a funeral in their honor. It has become our tradition to hold memorial services, often by the river, as a final opportunity to share stories and lift up those we have lost. Micah’s collaboration of churches also offers places to bury ashes of those who go unclaimed. In 2022, we lost 31 precious neighbors, who were either living on the street at their time of death or spent part of their lives unhoused. Annually, our collaboration of churches lifts up these neighbors at a special All Saints Day (Nov. 1) Service at Hurkamp Park.

Fredericksburg’s downtown churches began their journey toward the vision for Micah Ecumenical Ministries almost 18 years ago. We’ve now been at this as many years as there are miles to the treacherous Jericho Road of the Good Samaritan story. Along the way, encounters with our neighbors’ suffering have taught us much about the home God envisions for humanity, and how we are called to take part.