Fred has been on the board at Micah as a representative of Fredericksburg Baptist Church for about 5 years and was appointed this past January as the chairman of the board. Here is what Fred has to say:



“The pastor of Fredericksburg Baptist Church asked me about 10 years ago to go on a field trip with him and we went up to Washington D.C. to visit a church that was very active in their community. At that point in time Pastor Larry Haun had a vision of what Fredericksburg could be, and in the course of that conversation we talked a lot about service to those who live in our community who aren’t a part of the mainstream…which in many respects are the clients that Micah serves. Our clients are people who really are not, for a whole variety of reasons, able to function within the mainstream of our society. I was struck by what I saw with Larry on that field trip and so a seed was planted and shortly thereafter Larry asked me if I would be willing to represent the Fredericksburg Baptist Church on the board of Micah…and I did. At the time I was working- I was the President and Chief Executor at Mary Washington Healthcare and so I didn’t really have time to do much more. The 5 years that I spent on the board at Micah I became convinced that the ork Micah was doing was profound and it was changing lives.

I went into healthcare for a reason. I chose healthcare as a career 30 years ago because I wanted to make an impact on people’s lives and I had the privilege of doing that as a health care administrator. Micah gave me yet another opportunity to continue what my passion has been all along. There’s a scripture in Luke that talks about ‘to whom much has been given much is expected.’ My life has been blessed and I believe that my involvement with Micah is a way for me to give back to the community and to help others live the kind of lives that we were all meant to lead. I couldn’t be happier about being involved with Micah- I just wish that more people saw what we on the board see every day about Micah.”