Photo Credit: Raymie Chapman Photography

FXBG Looks Closer: Weaving a Tapestry of Love with unhoused neighbors 

Do you know what it looks like to have 551 walkers march through the sidewalks of downtown Fredericksburg in support of a community where nobody has to sleep outside?

It looks like a tapestry of love nothing short of the Fredericksburg community.

TOGETHER, we raised nearly $172,000 and counting (gifts are accepted until March 31), brought together 551 walkers, 52 volunteers and 13 sponsors, AND WE WERE THE NUMBER ONE FUNDRAISING COMMUNITY IN THE NATION FOR THE SECOND YEAR IN A ROW. 

On top of that, we are also home to the number one fundraiser in the country. Ten-year old Jane Murray raised $13,170 herself (with the help of amazing parents, an amazing church, and an amazing community!) 

It is humbling to think that this movement called Micah Ministries started nearly 20 years ago as a mustard seed of an idea, drawn out by two pastors on napkins at a Mexican restaurant. Our continuum of compassion, which now includes housing, healthcare, income development and spiritual support, started as a tiny organization focused around providing survival supplies for the basic needs of those living on the street. 

With last year’s Coldest Night proceeds, we opened a 14-room hotel for neighbors to shelter safely while we worked to locate permanent housing. We launched a customized employment program to help our neighbors discover their gifts and find ways to move them into the economy. We brought health care providers into places where our neighbors could be successful with care. And we made monumental progress toward land and re-zoning, which paves the way to build a home for our neighbors called Jeremiah Community. 

With the love we experienced from the 2024 Coldest Night, the vision of a community where no one has to sleep outside is that much greater and the kingdom of God in Fredericksburg… as it is in heaven… is that much more of a reality.

Yours for a better world through Christ, 

Meghann Cotter

Executive Servant-Leader