An unexpected blessing of the Covid-19 pandemic was unprecedented resources that allowed Fredericksburg to be a community where no one slept outside for more nearly 2.5 years. From that season, Micah learned how effective motels could be in getting our neighbors off the street and beginning to offer the care necessary to successfully transition them into permanent housing.  

   When a local church member approached us about buying a motel that came up for sale, we jumped on it. After many months of churches, volunteers and local businesses coming together to renovate and ready 14 rooms that will be made available to our neighbors, Micah’s newest ministry–Hesed House–will open next month

   Hesed is a Hebrew word for God’s loving kindness. It is the relentless, always pursuing, never-give up on you kind of love. 

   Unhoused neighbors will be invited for a temporary stay at Hesed House while we are working with them to locate housing. Churches will adopt-a-room, preparing, decorating and stocking it each time someone leaves with all the essential items needed in their eventual move to housing.  During their stay they will be supported by a program director, live-in manager and Micah’s wrap-around team, which includes staff who specialize in housing, income, health, basic needs and spiritual care. 

     Join us at 1901 Augustine Ave. for an open house on Sept.10 from 12pm to 2pm to learn more about the ministry. A special dedication will be held at 2pm. Bring a “housewarming” item to help us stock up for the many neighbors who will receive loving kindness in their stay at Hesed House.

Ways to help

• Sponsor a room: We are almost finished with renovations! But need another $1250 (per room) to finish the four remaining rooms.

• Buy from our amazon wish-list HERE

• Bring a Housewarming Item

Trash Bags (13 gallon and 4 gallon) and Shower liners
Laundry detergent and dryer sheets
Toilet paper and paper towels
New full and twin sheets
Zip lock bags (gallon and quart) and can openers
Clorox wipes and swiffer wet wipes
Dish detergent, scrub sponges and dish towels
Full size shampoo bottles, soap, conditioner

Thanks to our generous partners!

Housing Care Coordinator (case manager)
Coordinates housing-focused care for neighbors who have moved from street homelessness to permanent housing. Includes interventions internal to Micah and across community partners. 

Housing Locator (tenant agent)
Networks local landlords to enhance access to permanent housing solutions for people overcoming homelessness. The Housing Locator works across the homeless response system to provide training on housing opportunities and tenant/landlord roles and responsibilities. 

SOAR Coordinator
Supports wrap-around process of preparing high-quality Social Security benefits applications using  model specific to the unique needs of homeless individuals. Online, 20-hour training is required to submit strong SOAR applications and become a certified SOAR worker. 

Fredericksburg Street Choir is a combination choir of currently and formerly unhoused neighbors and University of Mary Washington Students. The choir performs at various events throughout the year. It is a nurturing space where neighbors with musical gifts have an opportunity to express them and students are immersed in a different socioeconomic culture. 

Fredericksburg’s downtown churches began their journey toward the vision for Micah Ecumenical Ministries almost 18 years ago. We’ve now been at this as many years as there are miles to the treacherous Jericho Road of the Good Samaritan story. Along the way, encounters with our neighbors’ suffering have taught us much about the home God envisions for humanity, and how we are called to take part.