Andrei’s Journey: From Orphan to Belonging 

Meet Andrei, one our Micah neighbors. As an orphan in Russia until he was adopted at age 10, Andrei has “always felt homeless” despite his adoption and even time in the military. Today, Andrei shares a different narrative – one of finding home, hope, and a sense of belonging with us.

Survival was Andrei’s only goal until he stumbled upon Micah’s Hospitality Center. There, he found more than just immediate aid—he found a support toward to a flourishing life.

Your generosity has enabled us to provide Andrei with comprehensive support, from employment assistance to therapeutic services. Now, he’s not just surviving; he’s thriving.

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Andrei’s story is one of many that you’ve helped bring to life. As he said in the video, it’s part of the “colorful” tapestry we’re weaving together—one of resilience, growth, and community.

Your contributions to Micah’s Tapestry of Love help us continue to be a catalyst for change in lives like Andrei’s. Thank you for being part of this incredible story.