Throughout the Lenten season Micah’s collaboration of churches will join for ecumenical worship at noon on Wednesdays. A special gathering will take place on Good Friday and Easter morning as indicated below.

February 21 @12pm
St. Mary Catholic Church
Rev. Larry Davies

February 28 @12pm
Presbyterian Church
Rev. Aaron Dobynes

March 7 @12pm
St. George’s Episcopal Church
Rev. Anthony Parrish

March 14 @12pm
Shiloh Old Site
Rev. Kent Rahm

March 21 @12pm
Fredericksburg UMC
Father John Mosiman

March 30 @1:45pm

A “Stations of the Cross” walking meditation will begin at Micah, 1013 Princess Anne St. and wind its way through downtown Fredericksburg.

April 1 (Easter) @6:30am
Fredericksburg UMC
Meghann Cotter